Friday, August 7, 2009

Uprise Apps expanding its reseller program globally

Uprise Apps (, a specialist in developing collaboration applications has announced today it will expand its reseller program globally.

Uprise Apps specializes in developing specific and customized user friendly programs to collaborate multiple applications and manage through online environment.

Its product “Office In Cloud” is an innovative program that allows users to manage documents between Microsoft 2003/2007 Office with Google Docs.

Users have found this application highly effective as they can enjoy the benefits of Google Docs without retraining.

As the result of the popularity from users globally, Uprise Apps is now seeking new Global Reseller partners worldwide.

Why becoming a Uprise Apps Reseller?

· Provide new opportunities to sell applications and services that can collaborate with Google Docs

· Opportunities to expand your services to your clients by using the unique functions from Office In Cloud and other products developed by Uprise Apps.

How you can sell value added services using Office In Cloud?

· As a back-up solution offering to clients: Many users are using Office In Cloud to manage documents with Google Docs. You can assist your clients rolling out Office In Cloud as part of your back-up plan for them.

· As a management reporting tool: Office In Cloud can also be used to integrate MS Office, Google Docs and CRM.

· As a networking service: Through Office In Cloud, users can update their documents simultaneously from Microsoft Office onto Google Docs, all through one quick click on their MS Office applications.

· Offering Customization Service: We also offer customization services to clients’ applications and programs.

What does Uprise Apps provide under the reseller program?

· Full Support – Uprise Apps will provide full technical support to any issues to Office In Cloud, as well as providing integration support for your customers

· Customization – Uprise Apps can develop customized applications for your clients that can integrate with other applications and programs. We can be your development partner

· Additional Functions – Uprise Apps is developing additional features and functions that will be added to Office In Cloud, these functions will be made available to your clients as well.

About Uprise Apps

Uprise Apps ( is an application development company specialized in developing applications that can collaborate across different systems. Uprise Apps also provides customized solutions that can integrate clients’ software and applications to improve user convenience and productivity considerably. Its team members are highly experienced technical experts that have developed applications for global IT giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Netsuite, Salesforce and others.

For more information about Uprise Apps Reseller Program or how Uprise Apps can assist you in terms of developing customized solutions for you, please visit our website today or contact Andrew Kandzuba

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Forum

Money Cat has launched a new forum to allow members to discuss about shares on, Australia's only Chinese language financial website.